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  Customized 1845915C9
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About Us:
Established in 2002 , longyue autoparts (lonzans) is a leading independent manufacturer of replacement parts for motor vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry, with an increasing focus on the diesel parts markets.

About Longyue Products:
Longyue鈥檚 flexible marketing customization ability is what sets us apart. Our engineering development, manufacturing tradition, unmatched sales team, and online support systems provide a sturdy backbone for our daily operation.
Meeting customer demands in many different market channels set LONGYUE apart.

We begins wire and cable production
Longyue launches longyue official website to provide online orders.
Wire and cable division expands.
2016  Exhibition  
2018 Exhibition

Our Values:
Longyue鈥檚 vision is to be the leading independent supplier to the automotive aftermarket, providing the highest quality products, the best customer service, competitive prices and the highest reputation for integrity to distribution while maintaining a profitable return for all stakeholders.

We believe that customer satisfaction with our products and services will determine our future success. Therefore our goal is to be recognized by our customers as being the best supplier they do business with by providing excellent quality, price, support and service.

We believe that our suppliers should be part of our commitment to improvement. We intend to establish long-term trusting relationships with those suppliers who can provide quantifiable evidence of quality and service.
Customized 1845915C9

  4' X 10' High Density Fiberboard factory
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Our History
Our Factory
Fuyang DAKE New Materials Co.,Ltd is professional group on wood based panel since 1980, owned 4 companies, including Jiangsu XinYi Wood Based Panel Manufacturing Co,.Ltd, Hangzhou Taihua Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd. We can supply various of MDF, Melamine MDF , Plywood, thickness is from 1.0mm to 30mm, standard size & Non standard size, we own CARB, FSC Certificate. Total sales is USD 300 MILLION in 2018.
Zhejiang QiBing E-commerce Co.,Ltd is export company of DAKE Group. Until 2018, we already export to more than 20 countries worldwide, Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle east, East Africa are all our main market.
Our Product
MDF from 1-30mm, plywood, customized furniture
Product Application
Furniture, Decoration, Wall Panel, Construction, etc.
Our Certificate
CARB P2, FSC ,ISO 9001/14001
Production Equipment
Siempelkamp from Germany
Production Market
Export to more than 20 countries worldwide, Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle east, East Africa are all our main market, total sale value more than million USD dollars.
Our Service
Quality control team, Loading inspection team4' X 10' High Density Fiberboard factory

  China Stock Silo
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The cement silo is generally used in the bulk cement storage of the concrete mixing station. The bulk cement silo is a closed tank for storing bulk materials. It is suitable for storing various bulk materials such as grain, cement, fly ash, etc. The system can display the position and the amount of the material, and the hole device can relieve the solidification caused by the material deposition for too long. The cement silo and the screw conveyor can be used to transport the materials to various locations. The tank is easy to install, safe and reliable, and is an ideal bulk storage tank for various mixing stations.
1. Cement silo (tank) is suitable for storage silos of bulk cement in engineering construction, commercial concrete mixing plant, road and bridge water conservancy project, urban construction and other projects. It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, preventing cement loss, reducing urban air dust pollution, small floor space, long service life and low cost. It belongs to the building environmental protection machinery supporting products that are currently promoted and used.
2. The cement silo (tank) is usually used as an accessory product for the concrete mixing station (floor).
3. Cement silo (tank) is suitable for loading bulk cement and dry fly ash. It has the characteristics of rainproof, moisture proof and convenient use. It is generally 50t, 100t, 200t, 300t, 400t, 500t and other specifications. It can also be made according to the size requested by the user.
4. The cement silo (tank) is generally a cylindrical bracket structure. The upper part has dust removal equipment to prevent dust leakage. The lower part is equipped with a broken arch device to prevent dust from agglomerating and smooth out the powder.
5. The cement silo (tank) generally uses a bulk cement truck to blow the powder into the silo.
6. The sheet-shaped cement tank has a small footprint, is easy to pack, and is convenient for transportation;
7. The flaky cement tank can be split;
8. The flaky cement tank is easy to install;
9. The flaky cement tank looks beautiful;
10. Can be reused at different sites;
Silo ModelDiameterHeightTotal Heihgt
500T6m22.2m28.8mChina Stock Silo

  China Testosterone Blend Sustanon 250 Powder manufacturers
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Our History engages in the development and production of steroid hormones ect for many years. Following the motto 鈥淲isdom, Faith, Service,鈥?we are providing goods with exceptional quality, lower cost, and full efficacy to better help lives throughout the world. All products are offered with a purity of no less than 98%, and all are strictly regulated under ISO9001, UPS 32, BP2016, EP5, GMP or other certifications as required to meet the required standards of the importing countries.
Our Factory
We have 19 acres of land, construction area of 10000 square meters. Existing staff of more than 100 people. We are a private high-tech enterprise to extract and purify steroids hormone powders, Sarms Powder, Peptides and so on.
Our Product
Our Main products include Anabolic steroids raw powder, Sarms raw powder, Peptides, HGH, HCG, finished steroids injections, Human growth hormones, Steroid pills ect.
Product Application
Scientific experimental research and Bodybuilding
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
We have strong professional research and development team, talented personnel and completely equipped laboratory for the quality controlling. Various Detection Devices is equipped, such as HPLC, GC, Spectrophotometer, AAS, Polarimeter, Auto titrators, BOD Incubators, COD Incubators, Melting point apparatus and so on.
The entire production process from feeding, processing, inspection, warehousing, customer service and other sectors are in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system of.
Production Market
We have perfect sales service system, the products are exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions, with excellent quality and high quality service has won a good international reputation. All staff adhering to the "quality-oriented, integrity and win-win" business principles, to rigorous and realistic attitude, international perspective high-quality products, reasonable price, good service, recognized by the industry, become our customers trusted international suppliers.
Our Service
1, We specializes in steroids ect for many years, it has rich experience in this field. It not only has the real and high quality products but also has very advantage for deliverying.
2, Over 90% of powders are exported to North America , European, South east Asia ,Africa and South America , and are welcomed and trusted by the customer with our excellent product and competitive price.
3, Package: We have professional team to pack your items with professional materials, we have many kinds of package method according to different products and weigh, each way is very discreet and thus can 100% safely pass custom.
4, Delivery: Most powders we have mass stock, package can be send within 8-24hours after your order, of course, we will tell you the packing details and tracking details asap after sending out your parcel. Usually it takes about 3-6 business days from China to your doorstep.
5, Price: we will always send you top quality products with very competitive price.China Testosterone Blend Sustanon 250 Powder manufacturers

  Clay Flower Stud Earrings manufacturers
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Our History
Yiwu Changhe Jewelry Company was created since from 2016 year, we are a young, passionate and globalized group, our shareholders and workers have over 15 years' experience in fashion & fine jewelry industry.
Changhe jewelry providing you step by step from Design to Production With:
CUSTOM and In-House Design
QUALITY service and production100%
CUSTOM Packing
Our company goal in 2020 is to help over 500 Retailer, Wholesaler, Agent, Chain Stores and Boutique, etc to grow their business and expand their market.
Our products including: necklace, bracelet, earring, keychain, brooch, anklet, headband, and rings, etc, which material in alloy, brass, wood, resin, acrylic, leather, gemstone, 925 sterling silver, etc , and regular plating with E-Coat Or real plating with E-Coat, We provide 3 Micro / 5 Micro inches of real gold.
We keep up with the latest fashion trends and come out with 300 new styles monthly. We have a standardized quality control and management system and we are operating according to quality management systems like US Califonia Proposition 65 and the Audits of KOHLS, JCPenny and Target, BEBE, Kookai, Arden, TJ Max, etc. We look forward to building long-term and cooperative relationships with friends all over the world. Please feel free to contact us for further information. You choose us, you choose success!
Our Product
Enamel Tile Bracelet, Leather Bracelet Bangle Keychain, Costume Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver Necklace Earrings.Clay Flower Stud Earrings manufacturers

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