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  Best Selling Glass Kettle
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Our History
HEPE (HK) HOME APPLIANCE CO. LTD has focused on top quality rice cooker and kettle for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the kitchen appliance industry in China.
Our Factory
HEPE (HK) HOME APPLIANCE CO. LTD is located in Zhanjiang, Guangdong which is the hometown of rice cooker and kettle, Zhanjiang rice cooker industry has formed the industrial development system that combined raw material supplying, production, marketing and scientific research closely together.
Our Product
HEPE (HK) HOME APPLIANCE CO. LTD Products includes the following:
1,Rice cooker
3,Ceramic cooker
Product Application
Rice cooker, kettle and ceramic cooker are widely used in the kitchen cooking system:
Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.
Production Equipment
We are capable of mixing and producing an infinite number of rice cooker, kettle, and ceramic cooker, and offer some of the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available, including custom molding and machining.
1.We have plastic injection department.
2.We have metal parts production dept. such as inner pot/body/middle layer production.
3.We have finished products assembling dept…
Production Market
Our products are not only well sold in China but also in South East Asian, South American, North America, Middle East, and Europe market.
Our main sales market:
North America 20.00%
Western Europe 15.00%
Southeast Asia 25.00%
Eastern Europe 10.00%
Central Europe 25%
Mid East 5%
Our Service
We offer Custom logo design, customized packing design; and we accept OEM order. We offer new product research services.
We offer spare parts and replacement after sales.Best Selling Glass Kettle

  Customized Koa Wood 10 Note Kalimba
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Our History
Height Musical Instrument Co.,ltd has focused on top quality kalimba instrument, cajon box ,ukulele, board game bag and other bags  since 2009 in China. We started as a small office in HK mainly trading to overseas, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the musical instrument industry and we are the only professional board game storage bag supplier in China.Height Music’s factory located in Huizhou city of China,mainly specialized in produce ukulele, cajon , kalimba,board game bags and other bags for ukulele,cajon,kalimba and guitars ect. Our company aim is “Client’s the first ,quality the best” Welcome to contact us,any of your enquiry will be highly valued and under professional assistance by our experienced sales team.
Our Product
Height Musical Instrument includes the following products:
1. Cajon including standard size cajon, middle size cajon, kids cajon and small percussion
2. Kalimba including 17 note koa kalimba ,17 note mahogany kalimba, 10 note koa kalimba ,10 note mahogany kalimba and double size functional kalimba
3. Ukulele including Soprano ukulele, Concert ukulele, Tenor ukulele,Baritone ukulele and electric bass ukulele
4.Music bags like ukulele bag, kalimba bag,guitar bag ,cajon bag and differ kinds of bags
5.Board game bag including standard size board game bag,middle size board game bag, small size board game bag and card game cases.
Product Application
1. All musical instruments like cajon, kalimba and ukulele are applied to play solo or play with other musical instruments. It can also played by kids ,students and adults.
2. The guitar bag ,ukulele bag and kalimba bag is applied to storage guitars in differ sizes, ukulele and kalimbas in differ sizes .
3. Board game bag is used to storage all differ sized board games, like standard size 30*30*7cm or sizes around it ,or middle size game, small size game and small game accessories like game cards ,dices, miniatures, and meeples ect.
Our Certifications and Production Equipments
Height Music always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as EN71 certification, USA CARB Certification,FSC certification, REACH certification.
We are capable of mixing and producing an infinite number of cajon box ,kalimba, ukulele and board game bags with advanced equipment such as CNC, automatic line, Yinpin automatic sawing machine and automatic electrostatic spraying machine,electric sewing machines ,single thread sewing machines.With such resources, our production capacity reaches 30, 000 pieces per month and delivers orders within 35-45 days.
                    Customized Koa Wood 10 Note Kalimba

  Customized Industrial Silicone Rubber Heater Element
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Sheng Long Electric Heating Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of industry heaters and thermocouples for over 20years. our aim has been to offer the best industry heaters and thermocouples to our customers. The highest technological standards are used in their manufacture. We ensure first class quality in our products. Before our products are incorporated into the industry heaters and thermocouples, they must undergo the strictest quality tests. Therefore, we are able to supply the most suitable and reliable heaters and thermocouples.We have evolved from a large supplier of the appliance industry to become a quality supplier to a variety of OEM’s in the industrial, medical, commercial, packaging, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, refrigeration or air conditioning and military fields. In addition, we can supply compatible accessory items, which enable us to offer a complete heater system
Our most popular product is the Cartridge Heaters. We make low to medium and high watt density cartridge heaters,swaged-in leads cartridge heater and diameter less 3mm cartridge heater. Cartridge heaters provide localized heat to restricted work areas requiring close thermal control. Dies, platens,3D printers and a variety of other types of processing equipment are efficiently heated. Closely controlled work temperatures up to 1400º F (760º C) are obtained by a combination of heater location and proper wattage output.
Tubular & Finned Tubular Heaters have built in resistance to impact, vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes. The heater is swaged, reducing the diameter of the sheath and compacting the insulation. This insures rapid heat transfer and holds the coil in position for forming. Many types,many diameters, sheath materials and configurations are available.
Immersion Heaters are ideally suited for heating various liquids. They are available in various sheath materials and watt densities tailored for your specific applications. Units may be supplied for single, three phase or three heat operation. The lead end of the unit may be sealed for extreme environmental conditions.
Fryer Heaters is One of the most important deep fryer parts.This is what takes the power and transfers it into the heat that makes the oil in the deep fryer hot. It ‘s widely used in KFC Mcdonald’s Dicos, Pizza Oven etc.
Hot Runner Coil Heaters is widely used in hot runner system, heating engineering, mold, plastic industry, including the transfer machinery, medical equipment, casting process, welding, heat treatment process and many other industries and fields. Spring-type electric heating coil, heat stable, durable, long life and reasonable price, can be customized according to customer requirements for various models of the electric heating element.

Mica Band Heaters are used in multiple applications like cylinders, dies, drums, holding tanks, injections and blow molding machines, and Plastic Extruders as well as many other applications. Band heaters use electric heating elements (NiCr wire) to heat-up the external surface of drums or pipes for a gradual heat transfer.

Ceramic Heaters are a ceramic body encasing a resistance element and packed within magnesium oxide. Temperatures to 1300°F (705°C) for applications like copiers, dehumidifiers, glue guns, heat sealing tools, instrumentation, resisters, soldering and de-soldering equipment and valve heaters.

Silicone Rubber Heaters elements are designed to meet the requirements of various low and medium temperature applications that require irregular shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Silicone heaters are known for their unique and flexible properties and can withstand mechanical shock and vibration.
ISO 9001 Quality:
We recognize that commitment to quality is the key to customer satisfaction and has been certified as being in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 & CE.
Our Service
We can custom heaters according to customer’s drawing. size,voltage,power, and support OEM order , can make the brand or logo in the products base on customer requested.
Whether you are putting together a new heating, replacing or upgrading an existing heating system Shenglong heaters can help. Contact us today for help selecting the right heating elements and configuration for your application.
Email: sales(at)
Whatsapp:+86 13430527808
Skype:+86 13430527808Customized Industrial Silicone Rubber Heater Element

  China Screw Feeder
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1. Spiral feeder:
The material weight signal from measuring screw is transmitted to 3U403 (one machine and one circuit DCS interface) or 3U600 (one machine and sixteen routes) measurement and control system (3U403 and 3U600 are all core microprocessors). By continuously comparing the set value with the actual weight of the material conveyed by the screw, the running speed of the steady flow screw is continuously adjusted. Therefore, the material flow can always be stabilized at the set value.
2. Main features:
1. Special for the measurement and control of powdery materials.
2. The feeding screw has a unique flow-stabilizing structure. The feeding powder sinks evenly in the whole section of the feed inlet and outlet. It is not easy to arch and punch.
3. Cycloid pinwheel reducer motor ensures long-term stable operation.
4. Variable pitch structure and outlet overflow mode are adopted to stabilize the flow helix, which effectively solves the problem of material punching (output > 60T/H adopts double-pipe steady flow).
5. Measuring spiral scale adopts three high precision sensors (pull force) to weigh directly, which successfully solves the errors caused by lever weighing and greatly improves the measuring accuracy.
6. Using digital acquisition module, the effective resolution is up to 1 million; acquisition rate is 50 times per second; annual drift is less than 50 PPM; temperature drift is less than 50 PPM.
7. Sealing structure to reduce dust outflow.
3. Product structure:
1. Spiral shaft and suspension bearing, head and tail shaft are connected by inserting tongue type, installation and disassembly need not move axially, and maintenance is convenient. Length of mandrel, less hanging, fewer breakdown points
2. Adopt variable diameter structure, increase the volume of suspension bearing, avoid contact between suspension bearing and material, and the service life of suspension bearing can reach more than two years.
3. All transmission parts adopt floating connection mode. The suspension bearing is universal joint structure, which makes the spiral body, suspension bearing and tail form an integral floating body. Within a certain range, it can rotate freely with transmission resistance to avoid collision, no stuffing and no blocking.
4. Head and tail bearing seats are all outside the shell. All bearings adopt multi-layer sealing and matching sealing technology. The service life of bearings is long.
5. Compared with other conveying equipment, the screw feeder has the advantages of small cross-section size, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, multi-point loading and unloading in the middle, safe operation and simple maintenance.China Screw Feeder

  China 3D Printer Wire suppliers
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ASTM F136-13 or ASTM B348-13, Ti-6Al-4V Grade 23 ELI, extra low oxygen content, 0.25″ (6.35 mm) diameter wire, annealed to allow for easy uncoiling. Each spool to be produced with a maximum of 3 weld joints. The wire will have a bright and clean surface.
In general, the wire must contain a very low level of interstitial elements, especially oxygen. The aluminum concentration range specified is relatively high, to compensate for potential aluminum loss to the process.
Wire and coiling requirements are critical as the wire will be uncoiled, straightened and fed to a Plasma
Atomization reactor.
Wire and coiling requirements are critical as the wire will be uncoiled, straightened and fed to a Plasma Atomization reactor.
Coil properties
Up to three welding joints
Welding joints within the tolerance of wire diameter
Coil weight (range): 50 to 60 kg
Free of residual stress
Properly coiled for easy unwinding (see Figure 1)
Coil dimensions:
Coil inner diameter (ID): between 500-1150 mm
Coil maximum outer diameter (OD): < 1500 mm
Coil maximum height (h): < 250 mm
Wire dimensions:
Diameter and tolerance (inches) 0.250″ +/- 0.002″
Diameter and tolerance (millimeters) 6.35 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Heat treatment
Stress relieved
Vacuum annealed for easy straightening.
Surface Properties:
Polished (clean and free of contaminants)
We will provide customer a proper Mill Test Certificate before shipping, containing at minimum the elemental chemical analysis for Al, V, Fe, C, N, H, O, Ti, and the result of visual and dimensional inspection. The wire must be checked for surface contamination and tested for mechanical properties. China 3D Printer Wire suppliers

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