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The Premier League season has officially kicked off, drawing the attention of football fans worldwide. It’s also a prime time for betting opportunities at various bookmakers. Known as the "Gunners of London," Arsenal is a popular choice for many bettors. If you're particularly interested in betting on Arsenal, don't miss the following tips from win tips bet.
Overview of Arsenal FC
One of the fundamental principles when participating in football betting is thoroughly understanding the team or club you are betting on. This information is crucial for making accurate predictions and bets. So, what do you know about Arsenal, the "Gunners of London"?
For football fans, mentioning the top teams in the world or the team that introduced them to football invariably includes Arsenal. This professional football club is based in Holloway, London (England). In addition to being known as Arsenal Football Club, they are affectionately called the "Gunners of London." They currently boast a massive fan base.
If you're new to football, Arsenal's achievements will surely astonish you. They are the only club to go unbeaten through 38 rounds and have won the Premier League 13 times. Their championship seasons include:
  • 1930-31

  • 1932-33

  • 1933-34

  • 1934-35

  • 1937-38

  • 1947-48

  • 1952-53

  • 1970-71

  • 1988-89

  • 1990-91

  • 1997-98

  • 2001-02

  • 2003-04
In addition to their remarkable achievements in the Premier League, Arsenal has won the League Cup twice, the FA Cup 14 times, and the English Super Cup 16 times. These numbers are expected to rise in the future, given Arsenal's roster of professional and top-quality players.
Recent Betting Information on Arsenal
To bet on Arsenal’s matches at reputable bookmaker ranking like FB88, you need to analyze the team’s recent performance and results. This is the first step for making accurate Arsenal bets. Key information to consider includes:
Arsenal's Squad
Arsenal had a highly successful transfer window in the 2020-2021 Premier League season. From the first matches, fans were impressed by their strong, fortified lineup. The Spanish coach now has formidable players like Leno, Chambers, White, Mari, Tierney; Lokonga, Xhaka; Pepe, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli; and Balogun, providing a solid foundation for the team’s performance.
Current Form
Recently, Arsenal's form has significantly declined. For the first time in 44 years, they lost to a newly promoted team. Specifically, in the 2020-2021 Premier League season opener, Arsenal lost to Brentford despite being the favorites. In their last four matches, Arsenal lost three and drew one.
With their current form, betting on Arsenal as the favorites poses a challenge. Carefully analyze and consider future matches.
Latest Arsenal Rankings
Considering the team's ranking is essential for accurate betting at top bookmakers. Rankings form the basis for bookmakers to set reasonable odds. After a lackluster start, Arsenal is currently 11th in the Premier League standings with 11 points and a goal difference of -5.
Important Notes for Accurate Betting on Arsenal
Given Arsenal's recent performance, many bettors may feel apprehensive. To help you make informed and accurate bets on Arsenal, keep the following tips in mind:
Choose a Reputable Bookmaker
The first tip from FB88 is to select a reputable bookmaker for your bets. A trustworthy bookmaker ensures high quality, safety, and good information security, helping you avoid fraud.
For accurate Arsenal bets, choose a which betting site gives bonus on registration without deposit that meets the following criteria:
  • Legally licensed by international casino organizations (third parties)

  • Long-standing presence in the online betting industry

  • Large member base

  • High information security

  • Transparent and public betting odds

  • Excellent customer service

  • Clear rules and betting options

  • Fast and simple transactions
Bet Based on Arsenal’s Current Squad Strength
Basing your bets on the current squad's strength is crucial. Many bettors rely on the team's historical achievements for their bets.
When betting on Arsenal against stronger teams, those ranked higher, or teams of equal strength, consider betting on Arsenal as the underdog. Conversely, if Arsenal faces a weaker team, you might bet on them as the favorite. However, given their recent form, avoid large handicap bets to stay safe.
Consult Experts and Experienced Bettors
Lastly, FB88 suggests learning from and consulting with expert bettors and analysts. Their insights can help you analyze and choose the safest and best bets.
However, remember that these opinions are for reference only. Don’t trust them 100%. Make your own decisions to improve your knowledge and betting skills.
FB88 has shared valuable information and essential experiences for betting on Arsenal. Hopefully, these tips will help you make informed bets in matches involving the "Gunners of London."

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