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The Aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling production line is designed for producing electrician round aluminum rod.
Product Features (Characteristics)
The performance of the aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling production line is continuous casting continuous rolling process, from raw material smelting, ingot casting to rolling out the finished electrical round aluminum rod, which is completed in one time without interruption, and the unit fully realizes electromechanical Integration, the entire production line uses DC speed regulation and AC frequency converter speed control, production synchronization, high efficiency, fullly PLC automatic control and monitoring, color touch screen display and operation, with fault alarm and automatic shutdown protection. The overall equipment has low operating cost, safety, stability and reliability, and the product quality meets the relevant national, industry and enterprise standards.
Aluminum Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line
Aluminum Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line
Aluminum Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Machine
Product Appearance (Structure)
Main components
1.Four-wheel continuous casting machine: 1set
2.Front traction machine: 1set
3.Slitting roller: 1set
4.Continuous rolling machine: 1set
5.Continuous water cooler: 1set
6.Coiler take-up machine: 1set
7.Electronic control system: 1set
Product Working Method (Principle)
Technical flow:
Melting furnace - holding furnace - filter box device 鈥?new type four wheel continuous casting machine-front traction - slitting machine - feeding鈥?continuous rolling machine - two baskets take-up machine - aluminum rod
We have professional export team and logistics team which have many years of enperiences of exporting and tranporting the equipment to save you any troubles in delivering the equipment to your site, the machines could be dealed in Incoterms of FOB Shanghai or CIF destination or as designated by you.
We would send you our engineers to guide you in installation and commissioning of your equipment, also our engineers will train your people in how to operate and maintain your equipment.
After Sale
Our company has set up a number of tough emergency service team, on-site experienced engineers and senior technicians who can arrive on the scene in the fastest time for any problems, maintenance and replacement.
The warranty period of our equipment is one year from the date of completion of commissioning. During the warranty period, the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the bad quality of our equipment will be borned by our company; the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the buyer will be borned by the buyer.Custom Aluminum Rod Production Line

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